300 BLK Brass Fully Processed
300 AAC blackout brass - fully processed with annealing.

300 BLK Brass Fully Processed

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  • Quantity:1,000 pieces per box (Qty of 1 = 1,000; Qty of 2 = 2,000; etc)
  • Status:Ready to ship! No waiting for processing. Fast shipping via USPS Priority Mail.
  • Caliber:300 AAC BLK Blackout
  • Brand:Predominantly Lake City
  • Level of Completion:Fully Processed
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300 AAC BLK Brass Made From Once Fired Military Brass that is Fully Processed - 1,000 Pieces

We're very proud to offer you our fully processed 300 AAC Blackout brass! This fully processed brass is converted from predominantly Lake City, but will also contain other government contract brass. In processing 300 Blackout, our first step is to deprime and then swage the primer pocket, followed by a thorough wash to polish the cases inside and out.  Next, we perform the primary sizing operation, leaving the cases just shy of the proper specification. Finally, we anneal the cases to remove the stresses induced from sizing, and perform the final sizing operation to bring the cases into spec. We then trim to length (1.358" +/- .003"), slightly bell the case mouths to eliminate the need for manual deburring, bag them up with a desiccant, and box them in a custom wood crate. This brass is "Good to Go!" We make every effort to ensure that each case is fully ready to load, but we've still included extra brass to cover any damaged pieces that we may have missed.

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