300 BLK Brass Partially Processed (100 Sample Pack)
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300 BLK Brass Partially Processed (100 Sample Pack)

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Part Number:300-PP-S
  • Quantity:100 pieces per bag (Qty of 1 = 100; Qty of 2 = 200; etc)
  • Status:Ready to ship! No waiting for processing. Fast shipping via USPS Priority Mail.
  • Caliber:300 AAC BLK Blackout
  • Brand:Predominantly Lake City
  • Level of Completion:Partially Processed
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300 AAC BLK Brass Made From Once Fired Military Brass Partially Processed - Sample Pack - 100 Pieces

This is a sample pack of 100 piecesof 300 AAC Blackout brass that is partially processed. We are so busy dealing with our 5.56 and 7.62 that we have decided to offer this brass in this phase of production. Normally we only sell fully processed for this caliber. This partially processed 300 AAC Blackout brass has been polished but may have primer pockets that have not been cleaned as usually the first polishing is done with the primer in the case. It has then been processed to an  intermediate stage that includes removing the primer and swaging the primer pocket. The case is trimmed to around 1.36 inches in overall length and still needing touched with a full length sizer for final sizing. It is not final sized but quite close.  This brass is converted from predominantly Lake City, but will also contain other government contract brass. The sample pack does not ship in one of our wood boxes. This brass has most of the hard work of converting it done. Good for those who want to save a few dollars by doing it themselves or want to size just right for a specific rifle.

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